If you have a holiday booked with us travelling within the next 7 days
Suppliers are contacting us in departure date order. We are contacting our customers in turn as soon as we receive notification from the suppliers, thank you in advance for your patience.

If you have a booking with us and you have been advised of a hotel closure.
A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. Please be patient as we will be contacting our customers in date of departure order

If you have a holiday booked with us travelling in more than 7 days
Your booking is currently unaffected unless we contact you. Should this change, please be patient. A member of our team will contact you in departure date order.

If your holiday balance payment is due to be paid.
Please contact us via e-mail [email protected] or on live chat to discuss your options. You can chat to us here

What happens if my travel plans are affected?
Your travel plans may be affected in different ways, we will contact you if your holiday is affected to discuss your options.
Each holiday booking is different, and options will depend on your tour operator, departure date and destination. It is and therefore important for us to discuss your individual choices and preferences with you.
The safety of travellers is a priority for travel companies, and their decisions will follow Government advice, which is based on their objective assessment of risk.
The Foreign Office has a specific page with more information on Coronavirus.

What if I want to change my travel plans?
If you have concerns about your holiday, it might be too early to say that your holiday can not go ahead as planned (see specific departure dates we are currently working on above). Therefore, customers with future departure dates will need to wait to find out whether the advice changes and their holiday can continue as planned. If you cancel early you may have to pay cancellation charges.
Each Tour Organiser has their own process for managing future departures; Customers should monitor FCO advice and updates and ensure that we have up to date contact details so we can get in touch if necessary.
Some travel companies are choosing to offer more flexible booking policies as a result of customer concerns over coronavirus, we can advise you on these.
Customers with an existing package holiday booked, and those considering making plans, can have confidence that there are protections in place for package holidays should the travel advice change.

If I cannot follow my initial travel plans due to the Coronavirus outbreak, am I entitled to compensation?
You won’t be entitled to any compensation, as the reason for the holiday not continuing is outside the control of the tour operator.
What if I'm unsure about going on my holiday?
The Government advice is based on its objective assessment of risk and will always put the safety of UK citizens first. The Government will advise against travel when it judges the level of risk to be unacceptably high.
In the current circumstances, each tour operator decides on the departure period they are working on to allow amendments or cancellations. If your booking falls beyond this period, you are free to make the choice not to go, but there is no obligation on your holiday company to give you a refund. Normal cancellation charges will apply.
It is highly unlikely that you will be able to claim any cancellation charge on your insurance as there is not usually cover for disinclination to travel, but you can check the terms of your policy.
The safety of travellers is a priority for travel companies, and their decisions will follow British Government advice.

I have a pre-existing medical condition and do not want to travel – can I get a refund if I cancel my holiday?
As with the above advice, you’re free to make the choice not to travel, but if the FCO are not advising against travel to your destination then there is no obligation on your travel company to give you a refund. Normal cancellation charges will apply.
If your GP has advised that you do not travel, and provided you with official documentation to confirm this, then you will need to check the terms of your travel insurance policy to see if you can claim any cancellation charge back.
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